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Will and Inheritance Disputes

The terms of a Will can cause distress. If there isn’t one, this is difficult too. QualitySolicitors Jordans can advise on any matter where a will or inheritance is in dispute.

When a loved one passes, leaving a Will, very often, disagreement arises because of the terms of that Will. Disputes can arise about who or what is included or excluded and sometimes, whether there is a Will at all. Naturally, emotions run high and the only way to sort things out is by seeking expert guidance. QualitySolicitors Jordans can help you do things the right way, so you can have total peace of mind. You might want to challenge : 

  • Incapacity
  • Undue Influence
  • Failure to make provision
  • Other Wills and Probate Disputes

Incapacity - This is when you beleive the deceased may not have had the capacity to give the instructions that led to the making of the Will. Such assessments need very careful consideration and we have expertise in assessing capacity at the time Wills were made and determining whether an estate can be challenged on that basis . 

Undue Influence - Sometimes a person who made a Will might do so benefiting person syou were not expecting , or you may fear that the deceased may have bene pressured into making gifts . This in law is called undue influence and we can undertake an assessment to determine whether there is sufficient evidence ot challenge a Will on that basis . 

Failure to make adeqaute provision - The law protects certain classes of Beneficaries in terms of making adequate arrangements for them . Also for some Beneficiaries who were maintained by a deceased person immediately before their death there may be good gorunds ot argue that provision should continue after death . This needs a careful assessment and we are able to offer clear and careful advice as to your entitlements . 

Other Disputes - There can also be a range of other issues such as Will errors , disputes between Executors or Beneficaries and we can offer advice and assistance based on many yeas of experience in dealing with these matters . 

At QualitySolicitors Jordans, our role is to offer calm, friendly and professional advice. If you dispute any part of a Will, or the entire estate, we can explain what your rights are. We do the same if it is being disputed by another party. Options, costs and timescales will be discussed before we start work for you. Disputing an estate is a complex area of law. In everything that we do for you, we will explain using the plainest language we can. It is our job is to ensure you feel completely at ease.

Make contact with your local QualitySolicitors branch and ask to see one of our specialist team.

Team members

Mark Newby
Principal Member and Higher Court Advocate
Doncaster, Kiveton Park
Jacky Walker
Probate Supervisor

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