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Business Advice Meetings – legal advice for a fixed price of only £195

While running your own business you’re used to being in control of your spending. And when you need to seek help from a lawyer about a legal matter that’s going to affect your business, we don’t see why that should change.

There’s no need to worry about how much it will cost to consult a specialist business lawyer anymore now that QualitySolicitors’ countrywide network of law firms have introduced Business Advice Meetings.

This is a service created to provide business owners with one-off specialist business law advice, clarification of how the law applies to your situation or problem, plus guidance on how to address the legal issues identified...for only £195 + VAT.

Our Business Advice Meetings service provides business owners with up to 1½ hours’ worth of face-to-face time with an experienced specialist lawyer in order to give you the peace of mind that having a much clearer idea of where you stand normally brings.

90 minutes with a specialist business lawyer that can be used:

  • To answer your questions or talk through a particular situation facing your business
  • To review documents (reading them with you or in advance as part of your 90 minutes)
  • Helping you write a difficult letter or complete legal forms 

Our Business Advice Meetings are an ideal way of getting one-off business law advice without any obligation to take matters further and without worrying about a large legal bill.

While this service may not be able to solve every legal issue in just 90 minutes, it’s our aim that you leave us with a clear understanding of where you stand, the legal options you have and the next steps you could take to protect or grow your business.

To get started we even offer a free telephone call-back service from a specialist business lawyer. This service is confidential and without any obligation to go on to book a Business Advice Meeting. Many people use this Free Initial Assessment to chat through their issues - to ensure we will be able to help. Your time is valuable, so this helps us to move quickly when you do come in for your meeting.

Call us on 01302513729 for Free Initial Assessment or book your initial Business Advice Meeting using the meeting request form below.

How ‘Business Advice Meetings’ could help your business

Our network of law firms provides specialist legal expertise that can help you run your business more efficiently.

For only £195 + VAT, QualitySolicitors law firms can offer 1½ hours’ worth of legal advice during Business Advice Meetings that you can use to address some specific legal issue that may affect your business, or carry out a legal audit of your business to check that you’re operating within the law.

We think this this offers unbelievable value, especially when you consider the long-term business benefits that could be achieved for such a small initial outlay.

Legal healthcheck for your business

Whether you’ve been trading for years or you’re just setting up, you can use your Business Advice Meetings for us to carry out an audit of the key legal issues needed for a healthy and successful business.

We can guide you through the options available to your business, and then make specific recommendations regarding the next steps you could take to protect you, your family and your business.

Address specific legal relating to your business

You can use your Business Law Advice Meetings time to address whichever issues you want to explore of course. Here’s how Business Advice Meetings have helped other business owners recently:

Correct business structure

Do you have a shareholders’ agreement or partnership agreement in place that would protect you and the business if a shareholder or partner wants to leave, dies or falls out with you? We can also advise you on restructuring your business so it can trade on the best legal foundation to achieve your aims.

Business premises agreement

If you are considering renting or buying new premises this is a major financial decision with many issues to consider. Our advice can protect your business against long-term costs or problems hidden in the legal documents that could hamper the growth of your business. It makes sense to take legal advice on the terms being offered before you commit yourself.

We can also advise on compliance with all the regulations you will need to follow (such as fire regulations and asbestos risk assessments). In this way we can help you make highly informed decisions for your business with confidence.

Staff issues

Whenever you have people working for you there is a large number of regulations you will need to comply with – both to protect you and your business and to prevent expensive problems further down the line. We can advise on your contracts of employment and the employment policy documents that apply to your particular business.

We can also help you with any issues or problems raised by your staff; we’re sure the last thing you’d want, for example, is the cost and bad publicity of court action.

Contracts and terms of business

Whether dealing with customers or suppliers you’ll want to ensure that your business is protected and that your legal liability is limited if anything goes wrong and that you’re paid promptly.

The law sometimes changes on issues relating to business arrangements – so we can help to make sure your contracts are up-to-date and enforceable. If they’re not effective, they can’t protect or support you and may actually be useless.

Getting paid

If you’re business has a problem with getting paid promptly then we may be able to help. Whether it’s a problem with a particular customer or a more general debt recovery issue, we can explain and perhaps even demonstrate how the law can be used to help you.

Trading online or in people’s homes

Selling products or services online (or by mail order or telesales), or at the homes of your customers, means that special rules apply to your business.

The rules are complex and need to be applied to the way your business operates, and if you don’t comply then your customers are given extra rights; which may mean they can cancel their agreement with you and get their money back. Don’t get caught out – take advice!

Protecting your ideas, business name and logo

If you have a trade name or logo, we can advise you on how to effectively avoid the risk of a competitor using it without your permission by registering it. You may also have a business idea that is original, different or unique; we can advise on the steps you can take to protect it or to defend a challenge to your ownership of it.

Protecting your wealth

Have you thought about what would happen to your business if you died or suffered an injury or illness that meant you lost the capacity to run it? (Your husband or wife or business partners do not have the automatic rights you might have expected...)

Without the right legal protection in place your death might force an immediate end to the business and an enforced sale of the assets (which might cause financial loss, or an increased estate that triggers an inheritance tax payment that could have been avoided).

You can protect everyone concerned – and your business – with a “business will” and devices such as ‘trusts’ and ‘lasting powers of attorney’, and we would of course advise what the best form of protection is for your particular circumstances.

Call us on 01302513729 for Free Initial Assessment.

How our Business Advice Meeting service works

Here’s how to get specific business law advice for just £195 + VAT.

Free Initial Assessment

Call us on 01302513729 for our Free Initial Assessment. We’ll then assess your situation for free and there’s no obligation for you to take things any further.

As well as being a free service for you, this also gives us essential background information to make the best use of your Business Advice Meeting time.

Check terms and conditions

Read our terms and conditions to make sure you’re happy with them.

Book your session

Use the ‘meeting request’ form on this page to arrange a date and time that’s convenient for your Business Advice Meeting time.

Don’t forget to click to accept the terms & conditions.

Most business owners book a first 45-minute session and leave the remaining 45 minutes for a follow up meeting, but if you want one 1½-hour meeting then that’s fine of course.

Pay £195

You can pay the full fee of £195 + VAT over the phone or directly at the office on the day of your session, by cheque, debit or credit card.

We’ll then send you a VAT invoice so you can claim back the VAT. If your business isn’t registered for VAT then let us know and we’ll pay the VAT for you – so your Business Advice Meeting will still only cost £195.

1½ hours with a business lawyer

As mentioned earlier, most business owners prefer to book in two separate 45-minute face to face meetings, where all the time is dedicated to you and your business’s legal situation.

We’ll happily provide guidance as to the best way to use your time to achieve your aims – whether it is answering your questions, giving advice on your particular situation, reviewing paperwork, providing help with writing a letter, or completing legal forms.

The advice you need

Our aim is that you’ll leave us knowing more about how the law will impact on your business.

Even if 1½ hours of law advice hasn’t completely solved your legal issue, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you’ll understand where you stand and give you clear next steps for your business.

Call us on 01302513729 for Free Initial Assessment or book your initial Business Advice Meeting using the meeting request form below.


Our clear price guarantee

At QualitySolicitors we always tell all our customers upfront what the price will be for any work we do, so you know what you’re getting from us and what it’s going to cost.

So here’s a summary of what you’ll get from our £195 + VAT Business Advice Meetings service:

1½ hours with a specialist business lawyer

We’re flexible. Many people find it works best to have two 45-minute sessions with their solicitor. That way, the first session can be used to discuss your legal issues, and the second session can clarify our advice in full detail.

Direct access to a lawyer’s knowledge, tailored for your situation

Our face-to-face attention will help you address your legal issues efficiently. We’re here to help, and we’re here to give you as much business support as you want, in order to give you that competitive advantage and achieve your aims.

Face-to-face personal attention

YBusiness advice, in person, from an experienced lawyer who understands ‘business’ as well as ‘law’ (we run a small business of our own, remember). We’ll really get to know your business and your objectives so we hope that, over time, you’ll come to view us as your trusted ‘go to’ legal adviser.

Practical, commercial guidance to provide expert insight

We tailor all advice based on your precise circumstances, and we don’t do confusing jargon; so you can be sure of clear, ‘plain English’ advice that you can use in the real world.

Free Initial Assessment

You can even chat to us first for free, so we can clarify the legal issue that you want help with. Your time is valuable, so having this free chat first helps us to move quickly when you do eventually come in for your meeting.

Call us on 01302513729 for Free Initial Assessment or book your initial Business Advice Meeting using the meeting request form below.