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When your relationship breaks down it is never easy but we are here to help you through the Divorce process and get you to the place you now need to be

 We offer a Fixed Fee Service for your Divorce which is set out below :

Initial Consultation

Fixed Fee (Applicant)

Fixed Fee (Respondant)

Court Fee

15 mins Free Advice or £99 Ask the Expert for 45 mins Advice £550 plus VAT £350 plus VAT £550 (payable at the Start)

You may qualify for a court fee exemption depending on your monthly income and the amount of your savings. To help our clients we charge our fees in three stages to reduce the burden.

In our first consultation with you, you will have the opportunity to discuss the different options and your individual circumstances and we will advise what the most appropriate route is. We can undertake your first meeting :

  • By Telephone
  • By Video
  • In Person ( but not during the Coronavirus Lockdown )

We Will need your proof of ID and address together with  your original Marriage Certificate if you are going to be the Petitioner .

In order to petition for Divorce you must have been married for at least one year and your reasons for divorce must be one of the following list:

1. Unreasonable Behaviour

To demonstrate this you must be able to show that your spouse has behaved in such a way that you cannot reasonably be expected to live with them. You should provide reasons why you find your partner intolerable to live and refer to a recent incident which have caused you to conclude the marriage is at an end.

2. Adultery

This can either be shown by the admission of your partner or through evidence which prove that your partner has committed adultery with the opposite sex, and it is no longer bearable to live with them in the circumstances.

3. Separation – 2 years with your partner’s consent

This is where you have lived apart for at least two years, but less than 5 years, and you both have to sign written agreement to divorce.

4. Separation – 5 years without your partner’s consent

This is where you have lived apart for at least 5 years and it does not need the consent of your partner.

5. Desertion

This is where your spouse deserts you for a continuous period of at least 2 years. Out of all the options this is the least often used due to the prohibitive costs and the other related difficulties.

Please Check out our Guide on this page for a full explanation of the Divorce Process .

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The Divorce process

Free initial assessment

This is when you find out about what is involved. It is also when you decide which service is right for you – eg 'DIY', 'lawyer assisted' or full 'pay as you go'


This is the main document in which you make your request to the court for a divorce. You need to meet one of a number of different legal 'grounds' to be able to be divorced. This gets sent to court and then to your partner.

Arrangements for children

Where there are children, you have to agree on how they will be looked after. The court can delay your divorce until happy with the plans. If you can't agree, the court may need to become involved.

Decree Nisi

This is the first step towards your divorce. Nisi means 'unless'. If all the paperwork is in order, a judge will grant this and 'unless' one of you changes your mind the final divorce should be a formality.

Decree Absolute

'Absolute' means final - your divorced is finalised. You are legally no longer married. You have to wait 6 weeks and 1 day after 'decree nisi' before you can apply for this – a sort of legal 'cooling off' period.

Financial matters

Often financial issues are agreed and a 'consent order' can be made. If not, then the court will need to decide how to distribute your finances – this often continues after the actual divorce process itself has finished.

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