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Arrest and prosecution

If you are suspected of a criminal offence, having the right support and advice is where QualitySolicitors Jordans can help. Making certain you are properly represented is what we do – from motoring offences to more serious and complex criminal offences. We undertake this work either under Public Funding or through a competitive range of fixed fees .

Being properly represented when you are accused of committing a crime means you are treated lawfully. From public order offences to serious crimes – you need legal support when attending interviews, answering questions or providing the authorities, such as the police, with any evidence or information. If you are under caution, it is important to know what this means. And if the matter proceeds to a formal charge and possible sanctions, expert legal advice becomes vitally important.

Here at QualitySolicitors Jordans we explain the situation and use plain and simple English so you fully understand what is happening – and what he consequences might be.

If your case goes to Court, our Lawyers are thorough and diligent. We aim to provide you with the best possible defence – from the doors of the police station to those at the courthouse.

Contact us today on 01302 365374 and let us help you with your case.

Team members

Mark Newby
Principal Member and Higher Court Advocate
Doncaster, Kiveton Park
Sam Hughes
Criminal Paralegal
Jessica Rafter
PA to Mark Newby : Family , Crime & Civil Litigation

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