Facing a Prison Adjudication

A guide to what to expect in a Prison Adjudication

Prisons seek to maintain good order by a system of Rewards and Punishments .

The incentive scheme includes the ability to move past a basic prison regime to enhanced status which offers greater freedom and access to benefits such as television etc .

There is also a punishment system which is put in place for breach of prison rules , this can cover things such as poor discipline , failure of MDT's ( mandatory drug tests ) and a variety of other matters leading up to more serious fights or acts of violence .

The system operates on the basis of Governor led sanctions and for the more serious offences review before an Independent Adjudicator which is usually an external District Judge .

Punishments can range from loss of privileges right up to additional days punsihment ( depending on the sort of sentence you are serving )

For Independent Adjudications it is usually possible to get Public Funding so you can be represented by a specialist solicitor . TIme frames are short so if you are facing an independent adjudicator then you need to act very quickly .

With good representation you can often achieve positive outcomes whether this is a not guilty finding or if it is admitted conduct mitigating the penalty to be imposed .

We reccomend you always seek legal advice .


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