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The Wrongful Murder Conviction of Ian Lawless

The Administrative Court has fixed the 8th March for the hearing of the challenge to the Secretary of State over his refusal of compensate Ian Lawless for serving 8 years for the conviciton which he was acquitted of in 2009 . 

The Court in 2009 found that following psychological evidence from Profesor Gisli Gudjonnson there was no other evidence against Mr Lawless and that as a result his conviciton was unsafe . 

The Secretary of State has contended because Ian Lawless was not declared innocent that he does not meet the current criteria and his claim for compensation should be denied . 

QualitySolicitors Jordans argue this is manifestly wrong and the recent Supreme Court case in Adams demonstrates that Ian Lawless can show that there was no evidence now upon which a jury could have convicted him . That accordingly he is entitled to compensation . 

A further report will follow once the outcome of the hearing is known 



His Solicitor is Mark Newby of QS Jordans 

His Barrister is Matt Stanbury of Garden Court North Chambers Manchester and his original appeal barrister was Mark Barlow of Garden Court North Chambers Manchester . 

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