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Miscarriage Compensation QualitySolicitors Jordans Win as other Claimants Cases Fall

The Administrative Court has this afternoon handed down its judgment which will affect the future of Miscarriage of Justice Compensation for future Claimants . Of the 5 claimants including Barry George , Ali , Tunbridge , Dennis and Lawless only Ian John Lawless succeeded .

He is represented by Mark Newby from QualitySolicitors Jordans

Mr Lawless successfully appealed his conviction for murder in 2009 based on the fact that the only evidence against him was his own false confessions given due to mental health problems he had at the time . 

The Secretary of State refused to pay him compensation and as a result he was compelled to bring a challenge against the decision . This was always a strong case in which there was simply no other evidence upon which a jury could have convicted him . The Secretary of State sought to advance a wholly unrealistic argument to suggest this could be the case which was dismissed by the Court who paid tribute to Mr Lawless's Counsel Matt Stanbury from Garden Court North Chambers Succinct submissions . 

A full article on the cases will follow later on the Justice Gap . 

In the meantime Mr Lawless can now look forward to his claim being reconsidered with the views expressed by the Court . 

More analysis will follow later 

Mr Lawless's Solicitor - Mark Newby

Mr Lawless's Counsel for the Challenge - Matt Stanbury

Mr Lawless's original appeal counsel - Mark Barlow 

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