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DPP Proposals may swing the pendulum too far

Solicitor Advocate Mark Newby from QualitySolicitors Jordans comments on the announcement of the Director of Public Prosecutions concerning a review of child abuse prosecutions in the wake of recent controversial cases .

Mark argues that a national consensus is to be welcomed if it is truly a consensus from all sides but suggests some of the DPP proposals may lead to further miscarriages of justice .

Keir Starmer in announcing the need for reform of child abuse investigations may be knocking on an open door leveraged by the recent cases reported in the media including Rochdale and the Savile enquiry . There is certainly a new atmosphere of pandemonium over these cases . 

However the lessons of the last moral panic over child abuse and the consequent spate of wrongful convicitons should act as a clear warning sign of the dangers of going too far in the legitimate pursuit of trying to do justice to genuine victims of child abuse . 

The issues are addressed in an article by Mark Newby and Mark Barlow Barrister which can be accessed here : 

Link to BBC News story 

Link to ITV News Story


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