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Changes in the Law and how it will affect the Snapchatters and Spotify lovers of today

The Legislation that currently governs the use of mobile phones whilst driving is soon to be modernised in Spring 2020 following its initial release 16 years ago at a time when smartphones were uncommon. The updated Legislation is designed to take in the advancements of the smartphone and will include browsing the internet, recording videos, taking photos, scrolling through your playlist.

In current law, you are only allowed to use your phone as a satnav if you have it securely fixed to your dashboard or windscreen in a location where it will not become an obstruction to driving the vehicle and are restricted from making calls and texting. You are however able to use your phone for these things if you are parked safely, this excludes the events where you are stationary in traffic whether in a jam or parked waiting for the lights to change. Currently, the law favours the younger generation, allowing them to continuously use popular “apps” such as Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music and other comparable applications.

Currently, should you be caught using your mobile phone there is a fixed charge of £200 and six points on your license, which in turn increases the insurance premiums that you will need to pay. Courts can also add additional charges up to £1,000 for standard vehicles and up to £2,500 for HGV and in some cases disqualification.

Although the law is to be tightened it also includes the provision for emergencies, and you are allowed to make calls to the emergency services if it is not possible or if it is unsafe to stop your vehicle.

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