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Jeremy Bamber - Judicial Review against the Crown Prosecution Service Statement

Today the Guardian Newspaper has published an article which confirms that on Friday 6th December Judicial Review Proceedings were issued against the Crown Prosecution Service over significant non disclosure we can comment as follows :

We have been engaged in an extensive dialogue with the Crown Prosecution Service for sometime as our investigation in conjunction with the team supporting this case has uncovered what appears to be significant evidence pointing to the fact that there has been a miscarriage of justice . However in order that we can progress this case further essential further disclosure is required which has been set out to the Crown Prosecution Service in precise terms . 

It is disappointing that the CPS has chosen not to engage with that process and accordingly there is no alternative but to pursue that judicial review , particularly in circumstances where it appears that this may demonstrate that a misleading position was placed before the jury in relation to the forensic evidence . 

We do not propose to comment further upon the matter whist judicial review proceedings are underway . We are aware that this case gives rise to huge media interest , but we would recommend caution whilst proceedings are underway in view of the consequences to this litigation and any future appeal . 






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