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Jeremy Bamber - Judicial Review Adjourned

The Judicial Review of Jeremy Bamber was heard today Via Skype by the Honorourable Mr Justice Knowles and was on Jeremy Bamber's application adjourned

Press Statement

Jeremy Bamber continues to pursue his judicial review against the Director of Public Prosecutions over serious non disclosures and non-compliance with previous Court of Appeal orders .

The matter came before the Honorarable Mr Justice Knowles on 1st May 2020 . On the 30th April we received from the Crown a Skeleton Argument which raised a significant amount of material upon which fairness dictated that Jeremy Bamber should be able to comment upon

The Crown opposed the application to adjourn but it was granted .

Accordingly the matter has now been adjourned until 29th May and we expect to file a robust response to the Crown in advance of the hearing

At this stage no skeleton arguments will be released from the case but the Court will reconsider release once the amended skeleton argument has been filed .


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