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Nealon Case - Date Fixed for Directions - 29th October

The Long outstanding CCRC Referral of Victor Nealon is due for Directions on 29th October before President of the Queens Bench Division Lord Justice Levenson

Victor Nealon will now finally see progress in his long outstanding CCRC Referral with the matter proceeding to directions before the New President of the Queens Bench Division Levenson LJ on 29th October .

The hearing will concentrate on issues of whether two forensic experts should give evidence over DNA evidence obtained which identifies a major contributor to the DNA evidence  as being an unknown male and not Victor Nealon . There are competing arguments over the significance of this material and possible innocent explanations as well as what impact this has for the evidence in the case as a whole .

Victor Nealon has now been in custody since 1996 and to his detriment has always maintained his innocence .

His Counsel is Peter Wilcock QC and Solicitor is Mark Newby of QualitySolicitors Jordans who commissioned the fresh evidence which led to this referral .

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