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The sometimes secretive work that we do

Mark Newby QS Jordans writes on a busy few weeks and the work that the firm does which can't often be published

Over the years we have been lucky enough to be involved in a number of notorious miscarriage cases and legal challenges . Sometimes however we are involved in cases for which the details cannot simply be reported due to reporting restrictions  and the need to keep the identities of persons out of the public domain . 

The last few weeks are an illustration of this : 

Historic Case Collapses - At the end of January we were involved in a Historic Case which was a re-trial ordered , after the Court of Appeal quashed  the conviction due to judicial misdirections . Following that we were able to investigate the miscarriage a fresh and ran a robust case before the Crown Court . Evidential enquiries enabled us to put the defence in a position where the Complainants account was exposed as unreliable , the complainant never finished giving evidence and the case collapsed . 

Sexual Conviction Quashed - At the beginning of March another Sexual offence case was quashed based on serious failings and misdirections . The Case now proceeds to a re-trial which is why no details of the case can currently be given .  

Removal from the Sex Offenders Register - We recently challenged the system for removing sex offenders from the Register and the decision making process of the Court asked to review it . See the Judgment here . This isn't the first such challenge we have brought and probably won't be the last as we seek to challenge a system which can be imbalanced . We want those properly convicted to be placed on the register but we must have a fair system for ensuring those who shouldn't any longer be on it can have an equitable resolution to their applicaitons for removal . We have been ably assisted in this challenge and some of the others detailed below by Matthew Stanbury of Garden court North Chambers Manchester 

Challenging Miscarriage Compensation - As readers may know we also challenge the system for miscarriage compensation and these at least in large part can be reported . We succesfully defeated the Government in the Ian Lawless Case - Ali & Others v SSJ [ 2013 ] . We are now pursuing the Victor Nealon Challenge . 

Forthcoming Cases - Again we have to be careful in reporting these or expresing any view . We are however heavily involved in defending the North Wales Care Home Cases . We are bringing further challenges to the MOJ over compensation , pursuing actions against the police over false imprisonment and bringing a legal challenge to the CCRC over its breach of duty of care 

Miscarriage Cases - We also have a number of miscarriage cases awaiting determination by the Court and CCRC together with a number of significant cases where evidence suggests a wrongful conviciton and we are completing our investigations . We are ably assisted in many historic and miscarriage cases by Mark Barlow , Barrister 

So never rely entirely on what is in the public domain we like other significant legal teams are pursuing a number of interesting and novel challenges . We will report on those that we can . 


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