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File of 4 - Miscarriages of Justice ....The Curious Case of Victor Nealon and the CCRC Apology

Tonight at 8.30pm File on 4 covers Miscarriages of Justice and assesses how effective the system is . The curious case of Victor Nealon highlights those problems and has now led in this documentary to the Commission apologising for what went wrong . The Errors were exposed by Mark Newby of QualitySolicitors Jordans Victor Nealons Solicitor

The Story of Victor Nealon is well recorded but the story presents a sad indictment of what can go wrong in miscarriage cases . Victor Nealon served 17 years for an offence he never committed and those responsible for the machinery of justice denied him at every opportunity the chance to show he was innocent . 

In 2009 His Solicitor Mark Newby of QualitySolicitors Jordans gained access to the original exhibits and had them tested ( they had not been tested as was first thought at the time of the original investigation ) 

The results indicated an unknown males DNA was present and not Victor Nealons . His conviction was finally quashed in December 2013

The commission had a chance to test the exhibits in 1998 and 2002 declining saying that they did not undertake speculative tests . They relied upon assurances from the Police . 

They were wrong and in tonights documentary the commission have properly accepted this . 

This is not the end of the Saga for Victor Nealon . He deserves to be compensated for his lost 17 years , the police have searching questions to answer and also need to do justice to the original victim and look for the real suspect . 

We must also learn valuable lessons from this episode and ensure this is not another notorious miscarriage simply brushed under the carpet . 



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