It has now been reported that the Will Writing Scheme has raised over £10 Million Pounds so far .

Since then, nearly 3000 people have left a lasting legacy to the charity in their Will. Barnardo’s Gifts in Wills manager Dylan Carroll said: “It’s amazing to have hit the £10m mark.”

The Scheme is available to anyone over 55 . 

This scheme and all of the work the firm does with Barnardos has been led by Sam Watton from QS Jordans . 

Senior Partner Rosemarie Sharp said : 

" We are proud to support the work of Barnardo's as a firm and aswell as offering this will writing service have been involved in a number of charirty events including a sponsored bike ride and bake off day where we have sold our cakes to the local community . In adddition Mark Newby from QS Jordans who is the Doncaster Law Society President this year has nominated the charity as his charity of the year  .

The firm looks forward to our continued partnership with Barnardo's going forward . "