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Losing Someone Close ……. How do you reach out for help in a time of National Emergency?

Losing someone is traumatic at the best of times , but what about in a national emergency ?

 The loss of someone close to you is distressing at any time but in the current virus crisis it will be felt even more whether that loss arises out of the virus or for some other sad reason.  

 The very fact that the people you would normally call to help you all appear to be secured behind locked doors and the professionals seem equally inaccessible., you simply might not know where to turn.  

So where do you turn and why?  

What’s important to realise is most of the professional services you need should all still be there and there are professionals out there who are ready to help you.  

There will be big questions to be addressed by you in the days and weeks ahead including:  

  • What will happen to my loved one now?  
  • How will a funeral be arranged?  
  • How do I get a death certificate?  
  • What happens at the funeral in a time of national emergency?  
  • How to I start to deal with my loved one’s estate and assets  
  • How do I get hold of their will?  
  • How do you get a grant of probate?  

Getting sound advice and quickly is therefore vitally important.  

How can we help?  

We have put in place strong arrangements to offer that support and although our office like many is physically closed, we have established a full team of remote Lawyers ready to assist you.  

We cannot take away the pain of loss, but we are still here, and we can provide you with assistance at this sad time. Whether that is help with the administration of the estate of a loved one and obtaining a grant of probate, or interpretation of a will or simply help and advice on how to proceed from here. It may even be the case that we are holding the will in safekeeping and you need to access this.   

We are aware that access to our services at this time is very difficult and we would so much prefer to sit down in the office and talk to you but at this time, we simply cannot risk your safety or our team. We can however talk for as long as you need over the telephone or facebook or skype and we can still provide you with all the help you need from our team which is still working.   

Please give us a call on 01302 365374 and your call will be directed to a member of the Probate team or visit 

Whatever you do please reach out for professional assistance as the help is still out there 

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