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QS Jordans secure 3rd Consecutive acquittal in North Wales Enquiry Cases

QS Jordans have today secured its 3rd consecutive acquittal in the North Wales Enquiry Cases - Operation Pallial with the acquittal of Richard Dafydd Vevar of allegations of assault and inciting sexual offences .

The acquittals that have been secured place into perspective the clear dangers of false allegations and the deficiencies that can occur in such investigations . 

Richard Dafydd Vevar was represented by Mark Newby who also represented Alan Challinor and Roger Griffiths in their acquittals . 

In both the previous cases identification had been an issue with the Trial of Mr Challinor stopped by the Judge at the conclusion of the Prosecution case on the basis of the identification not being reliable enough for a jury to even consider . In the case of Roger Griffiths the complainants evidence simply did not match basic ID evidence this time over the description of a motor vehicle said to be central to the offences alleged . The Jury acquitted Mr Griffiths . 

Finally today after what Mr Vevar described as 2 years of hell the Jury took just one hour to acquit him . The Judge had warned the jury of the weakness of the identification evidence and the need for caution in convicting Mr Vevar , the jury clearly heeded that warning . 

There were many inconsistencies in the accounts of the complainants and the defences view was always that these allegations should never have been prosecuted . 

Whilst undoubtedly Operation Pallial have secured convictions and may continue to do so these cases serve as a serious warning as to the danger of false allegations being swept up alongside other convictions . As we have said repeatedly the pendulum has swung too far with us seeing in this and other current police operations around the UK , cases charged far too easily without the evidence being properly tested pre-charge . 

Of course each case is different and we mustn't pre-judge future trials but clearly these cases nonetheless highlight in our view the dangers that exist . 

In the meantime we are delighted that Mr Vevar has been acquitted and as the Judge said he can return to his life , it perhaps may not be that easy . 

We thank our team who worked tirelessly to deliver this outcome : Mark Newby led with  John Evans and our researcher Kath . 

Finally of course this would not have been possible without the excellent advocacy of Brigid Baillee of Garden Court North Chambers Manchester who was Mr Vevar's Counsel . 

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