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CCRC refer Case of Z on Police and Crown Non Disclosure

Following on from last week's controversy over the collapse of the case of Liam Allan as a result of the withholding of significant disclosure , the CCRC has today announced the Referral of the Case of Z another Sexual Offences Case on non-disclosure .

Unlike the case of Liam Allan however Z was convicted of sexual offences , served time in prison and is now subject to the full regime of the sex offenders register . The CCRC has concluded that in light of the signficant material withheld  which undermined the complainants allegations , that there is a reasonable possibility the Court of Appeal will not uphold the conviction . 

No further comments can be made over the detail of what that material was or the role of the Prosecuting Counsel until the matter is heard by the Court of Appeal on a date to be fixed . 

Mark Newby said : 

This is a serious and depressing further example of the Crown witholding signficant material from the Defence . The CCRC has pulled together a robust referral setting out why the conviction is unsafe  and we can only hope the Court agrees and ends the nightmare of Z . It might have been thought that Police and Crown non-disclosure was a feature of legal history , the truth is it is very much with us today blighting our justice system - It has to be stopped . 

Z is represented by Mark Newby 

His Barrister is Mark Barlow 




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