FAQs following attendance at a Police Station

After attending a Police Station, there can be a lot of questions about what happens next. Below we hope to have answered some of these.

When will my property (excluding devices) be returned?

On conclusion of the investigation, not immediately after your attendance. The Police will contact you to confirm when you can collect your property.

When will my devices be returned?

Unless evidence is found on the seized devices these will be returned at the conclusion of the investigation. Please note it takes several weeks to extract information out of devices and we are unable to speed up this process for you.

What devices have the police taken?

The police will confirm in interview which items have been taken and will provide a list to you if anything has been taken following a search.

Have you heard anything about my case?

We will contact you when there is an update to be provided. Please ensure you monitor your emails.

When will a solicitor return my call?

We will only return a call if there is information to be provided to you, please check this list of FAQs for responses to most commonly asked questions. We aim to respond within 24hours.

My bail conditions stop me from seeing my child. What should I do?

This bail condition will only be applied when it is believed that not having contact with you is in the child’s best interest considering the offence you are suspected of committing, this condition will not be amended until the investigation is concluded.

I am not allowed to see my child unless social services agree- what does this mean?

The Social Services will likely supervise your contact with the child or nominate a third party to do so. Please ensure you contact the social services to agree contact arrangements. Please note you are still subject to bail conditions even if Social Services indicate otherwise. Please clarify your conditions with the police.

My bail condition says not to contact my partner/ third party. What does this mean?

You are not allowed to contact them in any way, including any social media, text, or third party.

My bail condition states that I am not allowed back at my property – I need to collect my belongings. What should I do?

If the bail condition also includes prohibition of contact with the person living at the address by any means (as above) please ensure you contact the police on 101 to assist you in obtaining your belongings from the property.

I was released under investigation- what does this mean and how long will it take for the investigation to conclude?

This disposal means that the investigation timeframe is open ended and it can take several months to conclude, but could take longer and we cannot confirm how long. The Police will contact you once an outcome is available or they need anything further from you. There are no bail conditions attached to this disposal but please remain sensible and take note of the offence you are investigated for. Any actions between the arrest and charge can still form part of the evidence against you.

I attended a voluntary interview and have not heard back yet, how long will this take?

Following a voluntary interview your matter will be referred for a decision. This is likely to take at least 6 weeks but we cannot confirm a timeline. You will be notified of the outcome by the police or alternatively you will receive a summons to attend court.

What will happen if I have a bail condition not to do something and I do it?

Breaching police bail will result in you being arrested, and if charged, you will likely go to court.  Whatever is stated in your bail conditions you must comply with.  If there is anything you are unable to comply with such as a curfew when you need to work, please advise us so we can contact officers to make representations for you to amend the condition.  Breaching court bail is an offence. 


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