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Wills and probate in Wrexham & Mold

Talking about what we would like to happen when we’re gone can seem like an uncomfortable topic, but it provides a clear avenue for choice and certainly a peace of mind for family and loved ones. At Hopleys GMA (incorporating Keene & Kelly and Cyril Jones & Co), we help people to record their last wishes in a Will, which is the only way to legally protect them. We aren’t going to live forever, so it makes sense to plan ahead.

A Will is a legal document that captures what you would like to happen with your life’s earnings, any accumulated assets, possessions that might be priceless, and any children or pets in your care when you pass away, and it also provides you an opportunity to donate to charity if that’s what you’d like to do. Your personal circumstances will determine how detailed your Will needs to be to ensure its validity when you’re gone. Our team can draft a simple Will to suit your needs or can provide advice for complex tax and estate planning.

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"They deliver a professional service , offering concise explanations of options and outcomes."

We also we support those going through the probate process. There are a number of things to consider during estate administration, and the added pressures you may feel while grieving can make the formalities of finalising an estate seem overwhelmingly daunting. We can provide legal guidance as well as provide support with practical arrangements, such as tracing the last Will and Testament (if there is one), helping executors understand their role, sorting any monies owed by or to the estate, support completing inheritance tax forms, and final distributions.

Planning for our own finality is a topic we broach sensitively and practically. If you would like support with any Private Client matters, please contact our solicitors in Wrexham or Mold on 01978 880 276.

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