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Contract disputes

Entering into a contract with one or more parties creates a binding agreement. Each person who is a party to that agreement has a distinct set of rights and obligations under the contract. When someone does not fulfil their obligations or breaches an express term, it can cause a huge headache and a lot of stress.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in Wrexham and Mold are skilled negotiators and will help you effectively find a solution to your contract issue in the most cost-effective way. More often than not there will be a written agreement that we can check through to determine your rights and what obligations might not have been met by the other party, as well as the scope of the issue and the best path forward. If you do not have something in writing, do not fret as we may still be able to determine that a contract existed and that the same rights should be extended to you.

The issues that we help clients work through cover all areas, from property law or employment law, to consumer issues or business disputes. If left unresolved, these issues can impact other areas of your life and can cause harm and financial loss. If you are not satisfied with the quality of a service or product that has been delivered, if the service or product has not been delivered at all, or if you believe you are being held to unfair terms, talk to one of our contract experts to see how we can help.

We will work fast to achieve the desired outcome, whether that is having the contact rescinded, redrafting the contract to better express parties’ intentions, enforcing the contract, or seeking restitution or damages for breach of contract. Don’t delay in finding out your rights and having this issue resolved.

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