This is a service that has been created to provide business owners with one-off specialist business advice, clarification of how the law applies to your situation and guidance on how to address the issue identified, all for £195+VAT

This service is an ideal way of getting one-off business law advice without any obligation to take matters further and without worrying about a hefty legal bill.

The service may not be able to solve every legal issue that you have within the time frame, however it is our ultimate aim that you leave us with a clear understanding of where you stand, the legal options you have and the next steps that you can take to protect or develop you business. 

How it works:

90 minutes face to face with our specialist business lawyer that can be used to:

1. To answer your questions or to talk through a particular situation facing your business
2. To review any documents (reading them with you)
3. Helping you to write a difficult letter or to complete legal forms

Whatever business you are in, there can be legal implications, a meeting face to face with our specialist solicitor can help you to identify any areas that require attention, to obtain answers to any questions that you may have and to give you peace of mind.

To book one our Business Meetings call us today on 01978 291 322