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Hopleys GMA (incorporating Keene and Kelly) are solicitors in Wrexham and Mold providing legal services across a wide variety of law types and areas – and is dedicated to customer service excellence. Part of a national network of law firms, we are modern and progressive and work with individuals and businesses throughout the region.

We make sure you can always talk directly with your lawyer. Dealing with your questions is never an inconvenience – that’s why we promise a ‘same day response’. No hidden fees means you need never worry about a nasty surprise. And we always use simple words in place of complex technical jargon - so you always understand.

We also have multi-lingual staff who can offer services in Polish and Welsh.

Hopleys GMA (incorporating Keene and Kelly) is part of the leading household name for legal services in the UK, please contact us in Wrexham or Mold to speak with our friendly and knowledgable team to discuss your situation and how we can help. 

The History of the Firm

The firm Hopley Pierce and Bird started in the 1880’s, and has acted for individuals and businesses throughout the twentieth century.

Geoffrey Morris and Ashton was founded by Geoffrey Morris and Barry Ashton back in 1969 and the office was based in Wrexham, however, they opened an office in Mold in 1972.

The two firms united in 2012 to form Hopleys GMA. In 2017 the firm acquired Mold-based Law firm Keene and Kelly, which has had a presence in Mold since the 18th Century. In 2018 Hopleys GMA acquired a further well established practice, Macloskey Solicitors, further increasing its services and expertise. Although the firm has over 400 years of history, it has a progressive and modern approach to providing a comprehensive set of legal services ranging from family, to conveyancing, employment law, wills and probate and criminal proceedings.


As you will all be aware the situation regarding the virus and the guidelines are changing on a daily basis.  At present our office remains open but in the coming days/weeks it may be necessary for some of our staff to remain at home in line with medical guidelines.  We have made arrangements for most of our staff to work from home should this be enforced or necessary.

The nature of our work makes it difficult to work from home and there is likely to be a disruption.  We would ask that this be taken into consideration as we will probably be operating with reduced staff numbers and via less efficient means.

We may not be able to return telephone calls and/or emails  as we would otherwise do and we request your patience and understanding whilst the potential effects of this unprecedented event unfolds.

We are at present continuing working and we would be grateful that you only contact us if absolutely necessary and preferably by email.  If you have your solicitors email or direct dial please contact them directly.

We would appreciate it if you would refrain from visiting the office unless absolutely necessary.  In most cases we can arrange telephone appointments instead.  If you have any reason to think you may have come into contact with the virus we ask that you do not attend at our office under any circumstances.  If you do attend at the office by agreement then note that we are adopting a handshake free zone.

Please contact your solicitor using their direct email address or contact:

Wrexham office: gma@wrexhamsolicitors.co.uk or telephone 01978 291 322 

Mold office: office@keeneandkelly.com or telephone 01352 753 882 

Whilst we may not be able to see clients face to face we are still working hard for you. Please see the link below for further information on the court system for child arrangement orders: https://www.judiciary.uk/announcements/coronavirus-crisis-guidance-on-compliance-with-family-court-child-arrangement-orders/

Please follow the following link for information on sales and purchases: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/government-advice-on-home-moving-during-the-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak


We are approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority





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Our Accreditations

  • Criminal Litigation
  • Family Law 2024
  • Legal Aid Agency
  • Help to buy Wales - Accredited Solicitors
  • Children Law
  • Children Law 24
  • Conveyancing Quality Old

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