If you feel that you, your child or your family is being unfairly treated because of race, age, sex or a disability, we can help. Our experienced solicitors have expertise in all aspects of education law and can provide valuable help and support in discrimination cases.

Wherever possible, we’ll help you to resolve issues so that your child can remain at the same school. In more serious cases we can help determine if you may be eligible for compensation and can provide guidance if you wish to transfer your child to a new school.

When it comes to your child’s education, we know that you’ll want to resolve issues quickly. That’s why we offer a same day response promise so you can get answers to your immediate questions straightaway. We also have a no hidden costs promise to give you peace of mind about the costs, right from the start. Or you may be eligible for legal aid. To speak to an experienced education law solicitor, call us on 01978 880 276 today.