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Commercial Debt Recovery and Creditor Solicitors in Wrexham and Mold

At Hopleys GMA (incorporating Keene & Kelly and Cyril Jones & Co) in Wrexham and Mold, we provide a wide range of debt management and recovery services for creditors. We provide fast and cost-effective solutions for creditors struggling to recover debts owed to them by insolvent individuals or companies.

We understand that timing is crucial when considering the realistic debt recovery, which is why we provide prompt advice and support so that creditors have every chance of strengthening their financial position. When it comes to individual debtors, it may not be worthwhile pursuing a County Court Claim against a debtor if they are unable to pay money owed. Instead, our team work to realistically advise on potential claims and their value, work out a debt recovery strategy to help ensure maximum return, negotiate with debtors to agree on a repayment plan and can pursue insolvency proceedings where necessary.

As full service solicitors, our commercial litigation team is also able to support with issues of corporate insolvency. Our team can negotiate a repayment plan with commercial debtors, prepare and serve Statutory Demands, prepare and serve bankruptcy and winding up petitions, enforce orders, pursue directors personally if there has been misfeasance or negligence, and provide full support through the recovery of monies by freezing bank accounts, tracing and forcing the sale of assets.

Money owed to your business can seriously impact your cash flow and bottom line. If you’re a creditor struggling to recover money owed by individuals or businesses, call us today to see how we can help on 01978 880 276.

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