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The Green Deal

The Government want people to increase the energy efficiency of their houses and business premises.  There is a loan to install energy efficient equipment. This loan is paid back with interest over a long period (usually 25 years).  The energy bills become lower but there is an extra amount added to them to repay the loan.

To prevent the total being higher than without the work being done there is a Golden Rule that limits the amount of Green Deal finance offered. Customers will have a reasonable expectation that bills will not be higher.

Before you can apply you will have to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for the property. No loans are available on properties rated F or G.

However, you should be aware, that you will have to repay the loan if you:

• sell the property and the buyer does not agree to taking it over
• demolish the property
• change its use or convert it (e.g. to bedsits)
• fail to get planning permission or building regulations approval where it is required

Moreover, if you sell the property you may find the buyer insists on the loan being repaid – leaving you with the cost and them benefitting from the lower bills. The consent of the mortgage provider will be required.

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