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Boundary Disputes - Neighbour Disputes

Strong fences make good neighbours; an old but true saying. Most properties today comprise of registered land. Therefore the filed plan at the Land Registry is usually the first point of reference.

However, the filed plan only indicates the position of a boundary in very general terms and cannot be relied upon. For this reason it is particularly important to retain the original title deeds, without which Land Registry errors can be very hard to correct. .

In any event the filed plan will be based upon an ordnance survey plan on 1:1250 or 1:2500 scale which has a margin of error of up to 2 metres and the width of a line on the plan can measure roughly 0.5 metre on the ground. Nevertheless our experienced litigation department can advise in relation to all sorts of property disputes regarding boundaries, problems with trees and hedges. We can advise with regard to the old deeds and registered land (current deeds and unregistered land), plans, the surrounding circumstances and obtaining witness evidence in the event of a dispute. We have good links with specialist surveyors some of whom work on a national level to avoid or resolve boundary disputes which can be unpleasant – an Englishman’s home is his castle etc.

We can advise on party wall rights, problems arising over the building of extensions and our experienced planning department can assist not only in relation to your own planning applications but possible problems caused by those of your neighbours. Neighbours themselves, even where the boundaries are clear, can cause problems by their behaviour their activities and possibly even their threats and violence. We have extremely strong experience in obtaining injunctions in such cases-sometimes it is necessary to tread softly but other times it is necessary to act decisively and firmly. We fit the action to the circumstances. 

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