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Advance decisions for medical treatment

Making an advance decision about medical treatment avoids any misunderstanding on what your wishes are when you can no longer communicate them - QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright can help you plan ahead.

There may be a time when you can no longer share or communicate what you think. As difficult as that is to consider, making an advance decision can determine what happens to you at some time in the future – a time when you lack the capacity to either consent to or refuse medical treatment. What happens if you are in a coma? What about life-sustaining treatment? Or blood transfusions?

QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright help you understand the legal position and how best to plan for the times when it applies. We discuss your situation taking consideration of any other matters such as Lasting Power of Attorney arrangements, if relevant. We explain what you should consider. And we only use plain and simple English. When you sign, you know you the peace of mind you have planned for.

For expert advice contact us on 01905 401 893 and arrange to meet with one of our lawyers – and start planning for your future.

Team members

Jean Newton
Partner - Head of Private Client & Estate Agency - Head of Conveyancing
Charlotte Todd
Solicitor Wills & Probate Worcester
Florence Goodwin
Partner, Head of Wills & Later Life Advice Droitwich
Hilda Edge
Wills & Probate Advisor Worcester
Jane Smith
Legal Executive (CILEx) Wills & Later Life Advisor Droitwich
Laura Redding
Partner, Head of Probate & Court of Protection Advice Evesham

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