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Corporate restructuring

Whether you wish to restructure your business to make it more profitable or as part of a future exit strategy, our corporate restructuring solicitors at Parkinson Wright can help.

Our corporate team has the experience to advise you on every aspect of business restructuring. We will make sure the process is as smooth as possible and that your business is compliant with laws and regulations.

How we can help

We can offer specialist legal advice about:

  • Demergers. When a parent company separates into smaller components, the smaller components might be sold or liquidated. Sometimes the parent company retains equity in a component that may become a new company.
  • Share capital buyback. This is when a company buys back shares from one or more shareholders. The company must follow the processes set out in the Companies Act 2006.
  • Intra-group reorganisations. A group company might take advantage of tax reliefs through intra-group reorganisation. This involved transferring assets and subsidiaries from one business within the group to another.
  • Refinancing. A company might replace or restructure debt to receive more favourable interest rates, reduce financial risk, decrease monthly repayments or gain more capital investment.
  • Debt for equity swap. This is when debt is swapped for equity to pay off creditors. For example, bonds and stocks might be exchanged. This normally happens during bankruptcy.
  • Share for share exchange. When one company acquires shares in another, the shareholders in the company that has been acquired might exchange their shares for shares in the purchasing company.
  • Hive up and hive down of assets. This involves moving assets and liabilities between businesses within a company group. This could happen if one business is being sold, but not the other business or assets need to be ring-fenced to protect them during insolvency.


Who we help

Parkinson Wright corporate solicitors advise businesses of every size across multiple sectors. Our clients include company directors, family-owned companies and private equity firms.

We can ensure your business aims are achieved by working closely with legal services across Parkinson Wright, including employment law and property. We will also collaborate with your other advisors such as your accountants throughout the restructuring process.


Why choose Parkinson Wright solicitors?

Parkinson Wright solicitors have decades of corporate restructuring experience and a strong reputation for providing effective legal advice tailored to our client's objectives.

Our lawyers know that businesses often need advice urgently, especially when there are financial difficulties. You can rest assured that we respond quickly because we know time is critical and how stressful delays can be. 

We will guide you through the restructuring process, explaining the law in jargon-free terms and working closely with you to meet your business goals.


Parkinson Wright's corporate team have a number of accreditations, so you can rest assured you will receive the highest quality legal advice and level of customer service.

  • Solicitors Regulation Authority

    Regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).
  • Lexcel Quality Mark

    We have achieved the Law Society’s Lexcel Legal Practice quality mark, which sets the standard for client care. 


Get in touch

We offer a Free Initial Assessment, so you can call us without charge or obligation to discuss restructuring your business.

To arrange your Free Initial Assessment at a time convenient to you, please call 01905 401 893.

Team Members

Jeremy Redfern
Partner, Commercial
Douglas Godwin
Partner, Head of Commercial & Agricultural Services


Corporate restructuring starts with rigorous strategic planning. Although you cannot predict everything, your long-term vision needs to be clear from the outset.

We normally suggest clients discuss the matter with their accountant initially, as in many cases their accountant will need to consider the tax implications of the proposal. It is often the case that clearance will need to be applied for from HMRC. We will normally work with your accountants from the outset when discussing options for restructure.

Once clearance has been received, we normally prepare all the legal documentation needed to put in place the restructure. We will then deal with payment of stamp duty if applicable and any Companies House filings.

Seeking commercial advice from Parkinson Wright early on will ensure you explore all your options and work to the most effective plan.

There are two main forms of corporate restructuring:

  • Financial restructuring. This limits financial damage to a business by reorganising assets and liabilities. The purpose might be to restructure debt or reduce tax. Our solicitors can help you to identify financial issues in your business by bringing a fresh perspective, and we can advise you on the most effective solutions.
  • Organisational restructuring. This involves changes to a company’s structure, business model or processes. It could mean changes to the ownership, workforce or products and services sold by the business.

Parkinson Wright can advise you whether your company might benefit from financial or organisational restructuring, and we can help you plan for future growth.

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