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If there is any business sector that needs specialist legal services more than any other, it probably agriculture and aquaculture. It is trite but true that farmers are the custodians of the rural environment, but in addition to law of general application such as employment, legislation now not only covers the specialised forms of tenancy which apply to agriculture, from agricultural holdings to the custom of Evesham but also the constantly changing legal regimes for the CAP, special planning and tax regimes, comprehensive environmental legislation and food legislation.

Successful farm management now requires a very high degree of professional skills as well as the love of the farming life and experience. It needs the support of specialised legal expertise to obtain the best outcomes from a range of the difficulties which inevitably will arise in agricultural work, and Parkinson Wright can offer a unique mix of technical skills, often at the leading edge, in this subject area.

Amendments to the support of Agriculture upon leaving the EU will be updated as and when this information becomes available from the Government.

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