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Disrepair claims

When you live in rented accommodation, you put your trust in your landlord to maintain the property to an acceptable standard. But sometimes things can go wrong and you may experience difficulties getting your landlord to make repairs.

If disrepairs in your home are causing ill health or anxiety, it’s important to take action. You may be entitled to compensation if the landlord’s failure to complete repairs has caused expense, illness or injury. The first step is to try and resolve the problems with the help of your landlord but if you have tried this approach with no success, we’re here to help.

At QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright, we’re experts in disrepair claims and can help you take the right action to get the results you deserve. We can help you claim not only for the cost of any repairs but also for any compensation you may be entitled to. We know it often takes courage to stand up to your landlord but with QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright on your side, the process becomes much easier.

Our expert property solicitors are here to provide all the help and support you need. And with our free initial assessment promise, you can get answers to your questions quickly and easily, so contact us today on 01905 401 893 to see how we can help you.

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