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Medical negligence claims

When we are treated by a medical professional, we expect the care we receive to be of the highest quality. Occasionally things can go wrong and, in rare cases, medical negligence can occur – causing injury, disability, or even death.

If you believe you or a family member has suffered pain, distress or discomfort due to the negligence of a healthcare provider, we can help to clarify the options available to you.

Negligence can occur in a number of ways – from an incorrect or delayed diagnosis to mistakes made during operations. Negligence isn’t limited to doctors; dentists and cosmetic surgeons.  Nursing home staff and other healthcare providers can all, on rare occasions, offer treatment which falls below the standards you would reasonably expect to receive. If you believe that you have been in this situation then you may be able to claim compensation for any suffering you have experienced.

At QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright we have expert solicitors who specialise in medical negligence claims. You can talk to us in complete confidence about your experience and we will establish whether we can help you make a claim for compensation.

Whatever your situation, we will advise you about the right funding option for you and explain all of the likely costs and timescales up front.

You can talk to us in complete confidence. Our friendly, knowledgeable and sympathetic medical negligence solicitors are here to answer all the questions you may have about the claims process. We avoid legal and medical jargon and instead talk in plain English. Plus, with our free initial assessment promise, there’s no charge when you call us to see how we can help you. We understand that you may still be recovering from the incident and may be suffering or have suffered additional distress as a result.  When you feel ready to discuss your situation, we are here to assist you.  Please contact us on 01905 721600

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