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Party walls

When building work, repairs or improvements are carried out to a property, the work may impact on neighbours who share a wall or boundary. Therefore the Party Wall Act was introduced to minimise disputes between neighbours when work is being completed. The Party Wall Act covers work to shared walls but can also cover work being carried out close to neighbouring boundaries or buildings.

A property owner has a duty to inform neighbours about any work they intend to carry out. The neighbour then has the opportunity to agree or object to the plans. The rules of the agreement - such as time limits, compensation and temporary protection for buildings and property - should also be discussed. If a neighbour does not agree to the work, this does not necessarily mean it cannot go ahead as an independent surveyor can be appointed to decide what work can be done, and how and when.

At QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright we advise on all matters involving party walls. We can explain what types of work are covered by the Party Wall Act; advise what to do if you’ve received a party wall notice, or help you issue a notice before undertaking your own work.

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