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No Fault Divorce

No Fault Divorce Fees £950.00* inclusive of VAT, Court Fees at £593.00 and Identity checks £15.00 + VAT

*Exclusions from the No Fault Divorce Price :

  • Issues relating to property, finance and pensions.
  • Issues and disputes relating to children
  • Any contested issues relating to the divorce
  • Cases where the other party cannot be located or served by the Court.
  • Lost Marriage certificate. 
  • Cost of translating any relevant documents

Previously couples had to cite one of 5 reasons  as to why they wanted  to divorce.

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable Behaviour
  • Desertion
  • Two years’ separation with consent
  • Five years’ separation without consent.

On 6th April 2022 the government introduced a no-fault divorce process which aims to reduce conflict between separating couples.

This means that couples have to state that the marriage has irretrievably broken down to begin the divorce process.

Starting the Legal Process:

  1. To start the divorce process, a spouse or a couple jointly need to complete the divorce application and send it to the Court stating that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.
  2. If it is a joint application, the Court will send a copy of the notice of proceedings to both applicants.  If it is a single application the Court will send the Respondent a copy of the divorce application and an acknowledgment of service for completion.  Once the divorce has been acknowledged by the Respondent or the Court is satisfied as to the service of the application, the Applicant will be able to apply for the Conditional Order. In both cases the Conditional Order can be made 20 weeks after the date of issue of the Divorce Application.
  3. A party can apply within 28 days of the Conditional Order for the Final Order to be delayed until financial matters between the parties have been resolved.

  4. Financial Arrangements:  You will need to agree with your former partner how to distribute your home, money, possessions, savings and pensions.  If you reach an agreement with your partner whether you have negotiated directly with each other or through lawyers on how your finances will be split, you need to make sure that the agreement is recorded. You can ask the Court to make it legally binding by applying for a ‘consent order’ which will need to be prepared by a lawyer before your divorce is finalised.
  5. You should apply for a final order within 12 months of getting a conditional order or you will need to explain the delay to the Court.
  6. The complete divorce process usually takes at least 26 weeks but can be delayed if financial arrangements have not been resolved.


Fixed fee payable upon instruction to proceed.

We accept the following methods of payment: Credit Card / Bank Transfer / Cash or Cheque.

We are able to offer face to face meetings, video conference and telephone call appointments.

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