Daniel Williams - Letter of recognition

I would like to bring to your attention, that a member of your staff, has
gone above and beyond his normal duties.

Daniel has been, always the utmost professional, but he has also shown a
level of empathy and compassion for my unusual situation, that I truly
believe have been a life saver for me.

I approached several different types of solicitors before finally finding
Daniel, not one of them was right for my unusual situation. Thankfully
whilst on a Domestic Abuse course, your firm was highly recommended by
another lady on the course. I was so very grateful when Daniel agreed to
take my case on, back in November last year.

I was in a very desperate vulnerable position and had never felt so alone.
He listened and then he came up with an action plan, he’s been

Due to Police delays, I have had a very long 5 months wait, with various
things happening in between, He managed my expectations, supported
me, and protected me from the other side, where needed. He prevented
further situations from being manipulated and took a firm, no nonsense
approach, when tested by the other side. He dealt with their rudeness in a
very professional manner.

For many reasons, I felt I had to reach out to you, to let you know that
Daniel is an absolute credit to your company.

He deserves recognition for his hard work and exceptional customer
service. He made me feel valued and supported each time when every
obstacle was thrown at us.

He always gets back to me, even when he’s in court, massive case loads
or finished for the day, he will drop a quick call/ email to say when he can
get back to me in full, just so I do not worry or overthink.

His incredible communication in this way, has kept me sane, supported
and less vulnerable. I completely trust him.

People are very quick to moan in this world, but never quick to praise hard
working ethic.

He is very knowledgeable, patient, hardworking, and kind. All exceptional
traits these days and as such you should be very proud to have him as a
member of your team.

I have advised WomensAid, of the exceptional support, he has shown and
continues to show me, as we are on the final hurdles waiting for a CPS

He has dealt with all my family matters, household issues with my partner
and anything else as it dropped. Sometimes daily! Yet he never minded,
dealt with it all and was so calm.

He has even referred me to colleagues for additional matters that came in
and is constantly looking for solutions to resolve matters for me, always in
a timely manner. He has most definitely been my voice for the last 5
months and I cannot thank him or your company enough. I know I would
not be here if he hadn’t stepped in when he did. He saves my sanity. I will
always be grateful.

You are very lucky to have such a dedicated, kind, professional,
empathetic & hard-working member of staff. I would not hesitate to
recommend him to anyone.

Please feel free to use this letter to promote new business or for
advertising, as I am sure it will help reassure new clients, they are in
excellent hands with Daniel.

Thank you so much,

A Parkinson Wright Client


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