An essential change in planning policy is necessary in England so that new homes in the countryside can be justified when it will enable a farmer to retire and transfer the farm to the next generation.  This should include the conversion of existing buildings and the construction of new residential accommodation on farms particularly in relation to family members wishing to retire.

The current planning policy is too restrictive in building in the countryside and hampers farming families who need to build additional homes so as to make space for the next generation to take over.  The CLA and other organisations are proposing that retiring farmers should be added to paragraph 55 of the National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF) so as to encourage local authorities to grant permission for this type of rural development.  QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright are happy to advise clients in planning and development matters as well as farm diversification matters. It is noted that in the UK families are still responsible for most of the farms and on leaving the European Union such assistance should be given to allow added flexibility to the rural economy.

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