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QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright assist Atwell International with their move to larger premises

Atwell International is a local company based in Hallow, Worcestershire.  They are becoming world renowned for their VG Safety Products™ and were one of the companies commissioned to work on the new Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. Atwell International produced the ‘Colossus’ Bi-directional safety gears which are used to raise and lower the flight deck of the carrier.

VG Safety Products™ have a 100% safety record and are designed at the Hallow office.  Local firms manufacture the components which enable over £1m of business to be put back into the local economy.  Once the products have been manufactured, they are returned to the Hallow depot to be assembled and then sold onto customers throughout the world.

The products have been used in a series of prestigious contracts in the UK including the commercial and cargo lifts at Tower Bridge (London), Harrods and more recently Buckingham Palace. 

Although primarily used for elevators they have also been adapted to suit rollercoasters, ski lifts, incline movie sets including the James Bond film set for ‘Skyfall’.  They are also fitted at Universal Studios on The Transformer Ride – 3D, Disney, as well the Eiffel Tower.

Locally, Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Boots, M & S, T K Maxx, Sidbury House, Lychgate Car Park, Barclays Bank and St Martins Gate Car Park all have VG Safety Products™ fitted.

Russell Walker, Managing Director at Atwell International says, ‘When the opportunity arose to move to larger premises on the same estate, QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright were able to help us obtain a new lease which allowed us to consolidate two separate units into one larger factory / office facility. Having all areas of the business in one unit has enabled us to increase our productivity and allowed us to provide more Research and development areas and additional training facilities. It has also given us a greater awareness of stock availability, therefore allowing us to provide an enhanced level of customer service.’

Jeremy Redfern, Partner and Head of Business Services at QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright says, ‘We were delighted to assist Atwell International with their move and continue to provide ongoing legal support in connection with the development and expansion of their business activities”.

For more information on VG Safety Products™, contact Atwell International on 01905 641881, or visit their website

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