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Most people have strong views on whether they want to be cared for by their family or in a care home, or whether they should be kept alive at all costs or allowed to “pass over”. How do you ensure that you are treated in the way you want.

Doctors, social workers, care professionals will be involved in such decisions.  They make a decision according to what they consider will be in your best interests.  You may be able to tell them what you want – but what if you cannot.

Tell your family  your wishes – hopefully they will try and achieve what you want, but this may not be enough.

For more certainty consider

  • A Living Will / Advanced Decision
  • A Lasting Power of Attorney Health & Welfare

With a Living Will / Advanced Decision you are stating that if at a later time and with certain circumstances a specified treatment is proposed and you cannot give instructions the specified treatment is not to be carried out. 

More protection can be provided with a Lasting Power of Attorney provided you have family or friends whom you can trust to make decisions for you.  This document gives the persons you chose (your attorneys) the power to make decisions about your health and welfare when you cannot make the decision yourself.

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