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Don't forget your pet in your Will

Anyone with a pet is worried what will happen to their beloved animals when they die.  What are the options?

Ask a friend

Think about the life expectancy of your animal.  How much will it cost to care for your pet.  Should you give the friend a sum of money.  If so will this be enough or too much.  If you say they can only have the money if they agree to look after the pet, how can you be sure they will do so and not pocket the money and put your pet down. 

For most people a friend or family member who is themselves an animal lover will carry out your wishes.

Put your pet to sleep

If you decide this is the best alternative these instructions should be included in your Will as a direction to your executors – your Will should also state the costs should be paid from your money.  Sometimes owners wish the ashes to be buried with them and this is often allowed.

Leave the pet and a donation to charity

Several charities have schemes where they receive a legacy and instructions to care for your pet or find it a new home.

A Trust for your Pet

This is possible but care must be taken with the wording.

Whatever you choose – make sure you include it in your Will.  This is more complicated than you may think so it is best to get some professional advice.

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