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Want to avoid a financial dispute 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the line?

Anyone who has been through a divorce will remember opening the envelope which contains the Decree Absolute.  The sight of this document usually results in a large sigh of relief, accompanied in some cases with a degree of sadness.

However, ask  divorce lawyers what is the most important piece of paper in divorce proceedings, the answer would usually not be “ The Decree Absolute “

What most people do not realise is that the Decree Absolute does not dismiss any financial claims that they could make against each other in the future in relation to financial assets.

If the parties in divorce proceedings do not obtain Court Orders dealing with financial issues then the claims which each of them have against the other are simply left open. This situation is unsatisfactory in that it creates a degree of uncertainty because it leaves the possibility of one spouse making a claim against the other at any time in the future.

Without a Court Order former spouses may still have the right to make claims against each other for spousal maintenance, transfer of ownership of property, lump sums and pensions.

A court order can also dismiss any claims that either party could make against the others estate in the event of their death.

So if you think you can save yourself a few pounds by getting divorced with the help of an internet site, this may well prove to be a false economy if you don’t, as a result of the divorce proceedings, obtain the most important document of all – the court order that will give you peace of mind in respect of your future financial security.

The Family Law Team at QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright has many years of experience helping clients reach financial agreements and we pride ourselves on encouraging and helping our clients to reach those agreements as amicably as possible and trying our hardest to so without having to instigate lengthy and expensive court proceedings, although even we cannot achieve this if the parties refuse to agree on anything. We also offer Mediation and Collaborative Family Law.

Most people are surprised when we inform them, that we can offer a fixed price policy for their divorce of £550+VAT and Court fees.  However we do not claim that this will cover the costs of negotiating an overall financial settlement, but a little extra expense at the time of the divorce will relieve stress levels and give you peace of mind which has to be better than leaving your future in the air.

For more information please contact a member of our Family Law team on 01905 721600 to arrange a first free advice meeting.


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