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Debra Kelly celebrates her 25th Anniversary at QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright today!

Debs has been Practice Manager for roughly the second half of that time having spent the first half as a fee earner and previously a secretary in Family Law at what was then our smallest office which makes her uniquely qualified for the role. She has an insight into the needs of the firm at all levels which enables her to fulfill her role so effectively.

It is because of Debs understanding of and ability in the role that has enabled it to grow so far from its relatively modest roots of 'running admin'.  It now involves supervision of a number of staff - reception in 3 sites, admin across the firm and more recently the new challenge of the First Contact Team, an entirely new part of the firm following our joining QualitySolicitors.

I like to think of Debs as a 'Top Northern Bird!' She is utterly reliable, rises to the challenges we throw at her, is liked and respected by her team, her colleagues and the partners. She is a great laugh and fun to work with.

Debs is a great asset to the firm and it is a huge relief that I am writing this to mark her 25th anniversary at QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright rather than her leaving.

Cyril Arridge
Managing Partner

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