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Special Guardianship Order Advice

Are you faced with a situation where you are caring for a child that is not yours? This could be a grandchild, a niece/nephew, a cousin. Maybe you are a step-parent or a foster carer looking after a child or you could be caring for the child of a family friend.

Many people take on this responsibility because they are concerned about the welfare of a child, or worried that a child will be taken away and placed into foster care.

It can be overwhelming to deal with Social Workers or Children’s Services when emotions are running high.  There will be many unfamiliar words and phrases you hear such as Children's Services/ Foster Care/ Special Guardianship/ Adoption/ Viability Assessments/ Kinship Assessments / Child Arrangements Order.

QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright has experienced lawyers who can guide you through all of this before you decide whether or not to care for the child.  We offer a first free advice meeting and will advise you on what options are available.   Looking after a child is expensive; you may need to know if there is financial assistance.

If you would like advice on caring for a child in the short term or permanently please contact our family team on 01905 721600

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