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Things to consider when having Mum and Dad live with you.

This can be very beneficial and in many cases a good way to solve a problem.

The grandparents may provide after school and holiday childcare. Mum and Dad may need some care themselves. However, these arrangements can be fraught with problems. If everything has been discussed carefully beforehand and properly documented it becomes less likely that families will fall out.
What needs discussion:

  • contributions to running costs
  • who pays for repairs
  • what about the costs of that new bathroom and does it require adapting for a disability
  • in whose name is the house. Sounds an easy question but if the grandparents are providing some of the purchase money and the  parents need a mortgage what then. If the grandparents want to be owners they will have to be responsible for the mortgage, the mortgage may have to be paid off by the date the grandparents retire making the repayments very large, even getting a mortgage may be a problem.
  • what if a grandparent become too ill for the daughter to be able to provide the care
  • are the grandparents expected to provide childcare and are the to be  paid
  • will the daughter be paid for providing care
  • what happens when the parents die, if left the house in the Will what about siblings.
  • Divorce or need to relocate.
  • what if it does not work can one person force the house to be sold and how are the proceeds from the sale to be distributed.

Those are just a few of the points to consider for multigenerational living.
We would recommend that you get legal advice and have your agreements recorded.

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