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Adding a Conservatory to your home.

Conservatories (or Orangeries as they are now often called) add value to a property - allowing for additional living space and for you to enjoy your garden even on a rainy day! There are a few things that need to be considered before adding a conservatory to your home.

Conservatories are exempt from Building Regulations provided that:-

  • They have a floor area less than 30 square metres;
  • They are constructed at ground level;
  • At least 75% of the roof and 50% of the walls are glazed with a translucent material;
  • The existing walls, windows and doors separating the conservatory from the existing house must be retained, and no additional openings created;
  • There should be an independent heating system with separate temperature and on/off controls;
  • The glazing complies with Approved Document N of the Building Regulations i.e.  protection against impact

Guidance should be obtained as to whether the conservatory will require Planning Permission.  Due to the usual size and type of structure of conservatories, as above, most will not require Planning Permission.  However, checks should be made to ensure your property has not had its Permitted Development Rights removed (meaning you would need Planning Permission for ANY additions to your property) and your Local Planning Department can assist in this respect.

In addition there may be a legal covenant contained within your property  deeds that also obligates you to obtain consent to the conservatory from another person, such as the original Developer / Land Owner.

A properly constructed conservatory that also has all the required paperwork can certainly add value to your home and on any future sale, having the correct paperwork will mean that the sale should proceed smoothly with no delay or cost being incurred by having to obtain  paperwork retrospectively.

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