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Children arrangements

With an unseasonably warm February, you could almost have been mistaken into thinking that summer had arrived early! The weather has now turned but most people will be looking forward towards the summer and many may be planning holidays abroad.

If you are holidaying alone with your child who is under the age of 16 years, planning a holiday out of the UK can be an extremely tricky process. You will need the consent of the other living parent or any other person who has parental responsibility. To remove a child from the UK without consent is illegal, even if only for a holiday.

If the other parent refuses consent, you can apply to the court for permission to remove your child from the UK. It is unusual for the court not to give permission; however, this needs to be prepared many months in advance as it can be a lengthy process and stressful. The court will want to be sure that your child will be safe and will be returned by the due date.

Even if you do have the other parent’s consent, it is advisable to get this agreement in writing. This is particularly important if your child has a different surname to you, as you may be asked to provide this information on your way in or out of countries. Although it is not a legal requirement in the UK, you may also wish to travel with some form of written confirmation that you are your child’s parent, for example, their birth certificate.

If you need advice regarding holidays with your child, or if you are considering relocating to another Country please do not hesitate to contact QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright's Family Team on 01905 721600. We can advise you of the legal requirements and help you avoid any unexpected complications and to try and take the stress out of the situation.


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