A Child Arrangements Order

This is an order settling agreements about where a child should live or what time they should spend with each parent and contact arrangements.  *No power of arrest attached.  You would need to make an Application for an enforement order in the event of a breach.

A Prohibited Steps Order

This is an order which prevents a certain action.  Generally these orders are used to stop a child being removed from a particular parent's care, removal from their school or preventing their removal from the jurisdiction (England and Wales).  *No power of arrest attached although police may assist informally.  Enforceable in the County Court as contempt of court.

A Specific Issue Order

This order means giving directions for the purpose of determining a specific question.  These can solve disputes relating to many issues for example change of name, religious upbringing or permission to take the child out of the jurisdiction for a holiday.  *No power of arrest but enforced by the order of the court.

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