Ask the Legal Expert

If you’ve got questions or concerns about how the law applies to your situation or problem – this service can help you with one-to-one friendly advice and guidance.

Perhaps you want some advice but don’t want to actually instruct a legal adviser to take on the case, at least not yet. Or you’re being sued and want some guidance on your position?

Maybe you’re having trouble at work or in your family life and want some expert advice? Perhaps you’d like help writing a letter or completing legal documents? Or you’re having some problems with your business and want some pointers?

This is your chance to access a legal adviser’s knowledge and experience, on a one-off basis, without all the usual expenses which tend to be associated with using a law firm.

For just £99, we offer a unique Ask the Legal Expert service, designed to give you peace of mind through expert legal advice at an affordable price, to help you decide on the best way forward for you.


  • Access to a legal adviser's knowledge. They will apply their experience to your situation.
  • 45 minute face-to-face meeting with an experienced legal adviser – not an adviser following a script in a call centre.
  • One to one legal advice (although you can bring a friend), from a legal adviser with the expert knowledge you need.
  • Practical guidance based on the information you give us.
  • Review of documents (limited to what can be achieved in 45 minutes).
  • No sales talk – just time to answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • A one-off initial meeting with no obligation to take matters further.
  • Expert insight based on the legal adviser's experience of the area of law. A chance to find out what's happened with cases similar to yours.
  • Get the straightforward views of the legal adviser in plain English, with no legal jargon.
  • A choice on how you want to use the time – advice, questions, help drafting a letter or completing legal forms – it's up to you.
  • Knowledge of your rights and options to help you decide what to do next.
  • Meeting at one of our 100 offices, so there will be one convenient for your meeting.
  • A guaranteed price - just £99 including VAT, with no hidden extras.



Free Initial Assessment offers you 10 to 15 minutes of free telephone advice. It your chance to find out if we can help you and whether you have a legal situation that is worth you investing time and money into taking further. You’ll speak with a friendly legal assistant who will take your details and discuss what you are aiming to achieve. If needed, we’ll arrange for a legal adviser to call you back to gather further information. It’s also a chance to find out if an Ask the Legal Expert meeting is right for you. If it is, we’ll also help you prepare by working out what you should bring with you. Ask the Legal Expert offers you up to 45 minutes face-to-face with a legal adviser for the special price of just £99. They will be able to provide straightforward views and advice on how the law applies to your particular situation based on their expertise and experience. You may find that the advice you receive is enough to help you resolve your issue. At the very least you will leave the session feeling more knowledgeable about the legal situation and what your options are.

Many firms offer a free advice session. These are often with someone who is not a specialist and are focused on selling their service.

In contrast our Ask the Legal Expert service the time is yours. We take your details in advance at the Free Initial Assessment consultation. We won’t spend your time trying to sell the firm and there is no expectation that you will need to use us again. Your time will be spent providing the help you need.


  • If you are not yet ready to start a full legal case, but just want to find out more about what’s involved and how cases like yours can work out.
  • If you want to handle the case yourself but would like some tips and guidance to get you started.
  • If you just want help completing official forms or documents.
  • If you would like help writing a letter of complaint or replying to an official letter.
  • If you would like practical advice on what steps you should take to protect your position.
  • If you would like an honest assessment of what is achievable – so you get the best out of the legal system.

The advice and guidance you receive at your Ask the Legal Expert session may be enough for you to resolve the issue yourself. However sometimes it will give you the information you need to decide if you want to instruct a law firm to take on the case for you. We’ll obviously be delighted to help you further your case. The fixed price Ask the Legal Expert service will be an excellent and cost-effective starting point for us taking matters further for you.

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