Small claims solicitors: tips for making a small claim

Experiencing disagreement and conflict can be uncomfortable, stressful and, if not dealt with promptly, the situation can escalate. Our team of experienced small claims solicitors can help you bring a fair end to your dispute quickly, so that you can end the stress and get on with your life.

Depending on the nature of your small claim (that is, the value of or less than £10,000), will depend on the best approach to take. To help point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a number of helpful checks, guides on your rights and strategies on writing an effective complaint letter for your particular dispute. You can browse through each of the areas set out below as a good starting point if you’re feeling a little lost.

As part of our commitment to serving you better, we highly recommend utilising the resources available at the Money Advice Service website. Their comprehensive guides and information cover various aspects of financial and legal matters, including small claims court procedures.

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