Small Claims Solicitors – Useful information and tools to help you making a small claim

Our aim is to help you bring a fair end to your dispute – quickly. To help you try to resolve your dispute yourself, we have prepared a 6 step guide, that covers setting out your case in a complaint letter, tips, using mediation, using the small claims court and finally taking enforcement action. We also include guides on your rights and writing an effective complaint letter for your particular dispute.

Should you run into any difficulties, from as little as £99 you can sit down with a lawyer for up to 45 minutes and have your questions answered. Find out your rights and get guidance on how the law applies to your specific circumstances. Perhaps use the time to get help to write an effective letter to the other side of the dispute. You can discuss tactics and get help with your next steps.

The inside word...

"If you have a dispute with a person or an organisation over something with a value of £10,000 or less, then our Small Claims Service may be an ideal way of getting a quick resolution and an end to your stress. It’s just £99 for face to face guidance or £49 if we can help by phone. This is often followed by mediation that resolves 80% of cases within a month!"

Where your best next step is help reaching an agreement through mediation, we offer a one-stop service that can help you settle your dispute with mediation.

Expert legal advice you can rely on:

Expert legal advice you can rely on,
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