Buying at auction

Buying property at auction can be an exciting experience and is often a great way to get a good deal. However, it can also be a step into the unknown - particularly if it’s your first time. By talking to a legal expert before buying at auction you can approach the process with confidence and avoid costly mistakes.

Before Purchasing a Property at Auction

  1. Carry out research. This includes obtaining information on the property’s title, legal restrictions, and outstanding debts.
  2. Inspect the property. As with any property purchase, you need to assess the condition of the property by instructing a surveyor and perhaps a builder to identify potential issues.
  3. Consider finances. As well as the purchase cost there are costs associated with a purchase, such as surveyor’s fees and legal fees. There are also auctioneer’s commissions to take into account. It is advisable to set your maximum bid before an auction and stick to it.

Understand your legal obligations. Seek advice from an experienced property solicitor before buying at auction to make sure you fully understand your legal obligations.

Property Auction Solicitors

QualitySolicitors can advise you on all the important aspects to consider before bidding at auction, helping to ensure that any property you do bid on will be a sound investment. We can also take care of all the legal practicalities of the sale, from checking property ownership to arranging surveys and searches. Our friendly and knowledgeable property auction solicitors will give you all the guidance you need to be able to enter the purchase with confidence.

With our help, buying a property at auction can be very rewarding. Call us today on 08082747557 to speak to a property solicitor. With our same day response promise and no hidden costs policy, we make property law straightforward and hassle-free.


Buying at auction can be exciting and a great way to secure a bargain. However, it is also risky, so obtaining legal advice and carrying out due diligence is imperative.

Once the hammer falls at an auction, the buyer is legally obligated to complete the purchase.

Purchasing a property without carrying out due diligence can result in significant financial losses. There may be structural problems with the property or unknown liabilities, such as outstanding debts.

Although buying a property at auction carries risks, by taking the right professional advice, you can mitigate many of those risks.

Properties at auction often sell for less than their market value, so you can find a bargain, especially if you are happy to make improvements to a property.The conveyancing process when buying at auction is quicker than a usual purchase. Plus, once the hammer falls, the sale is legally binding, which provides certainty for both buyer and seller.

When you buy a property at auction, you put down a deposit straight away. This is normally 10% of the purchase price. You will also need to pay the auctioneer’s commission which is at least 2% of the purchase price, plus VAT.

You are not legally obliged to instruct a solicitor if you sell your house at auction. However, we strongly advise that you do.

Firstly, A solicitor will ensure you meet legal requirements. They will prepare the legal pack for your property and ensure the property title is clear. Secondly, they help negotiates the terms of the sale contract. This includes the price, completion date and any special conditions. Also, They will review the contract to ensure your interests are protected. Thirdly, they carry out due diligence on the buyer to check they have the financial and legal capacity to complete the purchase. Finally, represent and protect your interests if any disputes arise during the auction or after the sale.

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