Human rights and discrimination

As humans, we have particular rights that ensure we can expect to live and be treated in certain ways. These human rights are protected by law. Examples of human rights in the UK include the right to life, the right to an education and the right to a fair trial.

Everyone shares the same human rights – regardless of their background or lifestyle. And laws exist to ensure that people are not unfairly discriminated against because of their sex, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age. If you are being discriminated against, it could mean that one or more of your human rights are being broken and you may be able to take legal action under the Human Rights Act.

At QualitySolicitors, we have in-depth knowledge of the Human Rights Act and have helped many people fight unfair discrimination in a wide range of situations. If you feel your human rights have been breached, or believe you are being unfairly discriminated against, we can help.

Our friendly and approachable solicitors are here to provide all the guidance and advice you need and you can talk to us about your particular situation in complete confidence. We offer free initial assessment, so you can tell us about your case and find out what options are available before deciding what action to take. If you’d like to talk to us about human rights and discrimination cases, call one of our expert human rights and discrimination solicitors on 08082747557.

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